Everyone needs to communicate. From the prehistoric time, people has developed various communication technique. No wonder, “language” has been touted as the oldest science in history.

“That’s why, language as a real form of communication is needed by everyone,” Erina Chusnulita, SP., MMA, motivator and one of the announcers of ADI TV said.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the skill to communicate effectively. This may lead into disputes caused by misunderstanding. This problem can be prevented if people has effective communication skill.

Rita Wulandari SE from Era Life Skill Solution, explained that communication can be defined as an activity of exchanging idea, information, feeling or attitude between individuals directly or indirectly by using certain media as medium. While effective communication is a way of communicating that is able to produce attitude change, making people agree with any idea without causing friction or misunderstanding.

Rita added that effective communication has many benefits. The first is improving employee performance with a comprehensive communication in team. The second is increasing sales for marketing or promoting division. The third is handling complaint at ease with less disappointment for client. The fourth is establishing positive public relation and maintaining partnership. (ant)

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