English for Holidays 2015

 English for Holidays 2015

The English for Holidays 2015 is an annual program held by the Department of English Education, the Faculty of Languages and Arts, Yogyakarta State University.
In the Welcoming Ceremony of the English for Holidays 2015 at the Faculty Academic Service Building on Monday, June 29th 2015, the Dean of the faculty officially opened the event. The chief of the EFH 2015 Committee, Sari Hidayati, M.A., explained that 194 children and teenagers aged 5 to 15 joined this program from June 29th to July 10th 2015. This year’s theme is “Science” which is implemented in the activities such as science experiments assisted by the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The closing ceremony which will be full of performances by participants such as drama and songs will require students to exhibit their English communication skills.
Nuri Supriyanti, M.A., as the advisor for the program added that the program is part of the university community service and English Education Department students are involved in the teaching and learning process so that it is beneficial for both the community and the university, especially the students who have the opportunity to practice their teaching skills.

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