An ESTE Student of YSU Is Crowned the 2nd Runner Up of Yogyakarta Language Ambassador


The grand finale of Language Ambassador for Yogyakarta Special Region was organized by Balai Bahasa Yogyakarta (BBY/ Language Center of Yogyakarta) on Wednesday (30/10/2015) . A YSU student from Elementary School Teacher Education (ESTE) department, Revika Niza Artiyana (20), was positioned in the third rank. She joined the selection for one month, yet her effort was paid off with the announcement that she was crowned the 2nd Runner up.

The selection process was quite long and laborious. It began with the document assessment, then proceeded with the Indonesia language Proficiency Test (ILPT) on 8 September 2015. Next, 20 nominees were announced, comprising 10 men and 10 women. The determination of the nominees is based on the ILPT, performance, and administration; each test is weighted the same score.

The selected nominees were obliged to attend taklimat nomine for coordination of the next selection stage. On September 22, 2015, the nominees worked on several tests, including interviews, language skills (Java, Indonesia, foreign), cultural and artistic skills, paper presentation, and general knowledge. At that time, Revika presented her paper in Javanese language and the jury addressed some questions about languages and tourism in Yogyakarta. For this question and answer session, the language in use was English.

In the grand finale, 5 male and 5 female nominees were crowned champions. They were required to wear traditional clothers: kebaya for females, and sorjan or beskap for males. The winner was a student of MMTC (female) and Gadjah Mada University (male); they would represent Yogyakarta to advance to the national level in a similar competition. In addition to Revika Niza Artiyana (Faculty of Education), there were two other students of YSU, namely Nadya Syivanya Rheisha (Faculty of Languages and Arts) and Surya Jatmika (Faculty of Mathematics and Science).

All the nominees and the winner will be involved in activities held by Yogyakarta Language Centre. Moreover, they remain mandatory to preserve Indonesia's language and Java language as the identity of Indonesia through their respective community. This competition is expected to deepen the affection of society, especially youth, to use Indonesian language properly. (Revika)

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