Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim interested to hear further  from Indonesia Education Experts how to improve education in Indonesia together. “The Minister of Education and Culture believes that education is the key to transformation in Indonesia. Therefore, the Minister of Education and Culture assigned me about how to develop the teaching profession, starting from the initial entry to PPG,” Iwan Syahril, the executive staff of Minister of Education and Culture, said his purpose for the visit in UNY on Friday (8/11/2019).

Iwan Syahril said that Yogyakarta has a strong education ecosystem. Yogyakarta has LPMP, P4TK, LP2KS and the Minister has demand better integration for education development in mutual cooperation. It is important to ensure that a message is not only being sent, but also delivered. Delivered means that it is important to ensure that student learning implemented as improvement in student learning quality in the class. Higher education institution is given the opportunity to innovate and develop things in more flexible way. Iwan Syahril also explained that Nadiem Makarim will also focus on primary education because it is an important foundation and how school principals and supervisors need to breakthrough so as not to get caught up in administrative routine. While strengthening the school principal's teacher also intervened so that it could be a catalyst in the area.

Sutrisna Wibawa as Rector of UNY said that improving education is not only about teacher education, but also about tertiary education, primary and secondary education to kindergarten and early childhood education. “The digital era has become the context for future development,” he said. UNY Rector explained that in the last five years, UNY had prioritized better services based on equity and quality improvement. UNY Rector offer several recommendations on the implementation of Professional Teacher Program, curriculum, education quality improvement, education quality assurance system and graduate competence.

Chairperson of the UNY Professors Council Suyanto stressed that the Minister of Education and Culture must also be successful in the short and long term. "In the future MGMP-based training needs will be needed, because the organization is very aware of the needs of these teachers," Suyanto said. According to him the KKG and MGMP ecosystems must also be made healthy, for example by creating equivalent teaching load because the teacher's burden is teaching hours, so that if teaching hours are lacking, the professional allowance cannot be paid.

Accompanied by Adri Margono from the LPMP DIY Program Planning and Budget Section, Iwan Syahril gave the UNY leadership an opportunity to provide input to the Minister of Education and Culture to run the ministry better. The Chancellor's executive secretary, Basikin suggested being given space to conduct research related to the teacher professional program which could increase teacher autonomy and psychology. The Dean of FMIPA Ariswan wanted the university to be close to the school, including the development of his profession. Meanwhile, the Rector Expert Staff for Ranking, Bruri Triyono stressed about vocational education where it is necessary to separate PPG between general and vocational teachers, because currently PPG is the same so it is rather difficult to provide additional technological skills. (Dedy; Tj.Lak)

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