Facial Mask from Aubergine Skin Extract

Facial Mask from Aubergine Skin Extract

In Indonesia, Aubergine is a common vegetable which is eaten as raw or cooked vegetable. The blue or purple aubergine skin has a rich nutrient benefit for health that is anthocyanin pigments. This anthocyanin pigments are beneficial for rejuvinating skin and providing anti-cancer substances.
Four students of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences initiated the idea of making a facial mask from aubergine skin extract. By extracting the anthocyanin pigments contained in the aubergine skin they were able to process the extract with other ingredients to produce a facial mask. They are Alvionita, Isnahuriyawati, Isnaeni Widiastuti, and Winda Dwi Astuti.
“The vitamin E contained in the aubergine skin can improve skin elasticity and moisture as well as function as anti aging agent and UV protection,” said Alvionita. The production of the facial mask is also aimed to empower the community to develop home industry because the mask can be produced on the home industry base. (oiap)

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