The era of disruption has struck the world of education. Online education has been started by several universities in Indonesia. The world has changed, TVRI, which used to be number one, dropped to number 14 because it was disrupted. The richest person in the world is not an oil or automotive business but instead shifts to information technology. This was stated by the Director of LPP TVRI Helmy Yahya in the Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) at the UNY Sports Hall, Tuesday (8/14). Further revealed in the present era is the era of sharing the economy that maximizes online media. "The student's mindset must be changed because going forward doing business is all digitalisation through the internet," said Helmy Yahya. The University of Miami graduate revealed that many companies went bankrupt because many had switched online, including how to travel by motorcycle taxi. The survivors are not the strongest or the smartest, but the fastest in making changes. The era of disruption is the translation of innovation, changing values at speed, cheaper and more varied, changing the behavior of business models and getting rid of old players.
The event was opened by UNY Chancellor Sutrisna Wibawa who in his speech said that UNY experienced a tremendous jump in terms of interest. "What is accepted is a qualified and accomplished student candidate" said the Chancellor "Hopefully students can graduate on time". Sutrisna Wibawa advised that new students can take advantage of their time well and take extracurricular activities in accordance with the future academic mission.
The opening of Ospek UNY was marked by the use of an almamater suit by the Chancellor for 4 student representatives, Rahmawati Dewi from the D3 Accounting Study Program at the Faculty of Economics, Marvel Khairullah from the Undergraduate Education Special Education Program, Sri Astika Ishak from the Master of Vocational Technology Education program and Hendra Baharudin from the S3 study program Education Research & Evaluation followed by all new students attending. According to UNY Deputy Chancellor I Margana, PKKMB was attended by a total of 6,904 students consisting of 596 D3 students, 5,082 S1 students, 985 S2 students, 109 S3 students and 132 PPG students. "The quota of Bidikmisi students in 2018 is 780 people and we are trying to get an additional quota of 473 people," Margana said. The youngest new students are Vidi Mila Sukmawati, a Sociology Education study program who is accepted as a freshman S1 at the age of 16 years 2 months 14 days.
One of the new students, Septiana from the PGSD Physical Education study program, said that she was very happy to be accepted at UNY. The MAN 4 Bantul alumni wished to develop their talents by following student organizations and diligently attending lectures. (Dedy)

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