Aichi University of Education, Japan, is one of the partners conjoined by the Yogyakarta State University. The program of cooperation explored by both parties is the Student Exchange program with the program named Aichi University of Education (AUE) Student Exchange Program, where every year there is always a student of YSU who attended the program for a period of 6 to 12 months.

For the 2016/2017 period this year, two students from the Faculty of Education, Miftah Rahardian Sudirman (Raha) of the Department of Educational Technology class of 2014 and Fitri Utami Shinta (Shinta) from the Department of Primary School Teacher Education class of 2014, managed to pass the selection done in several stages, both on the university level selection carried out by the Office International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP) YSU, to the international selection implemented by AUE.

Selection made by the OIAP included the selection and administration / file, psychological, and interviews, while the international selection is conducted by the AUE is the only file selection, this is because prospective students are usually a representative of students who have been selected by the each respective campus. At this stage there are 32 international selection of AUE partner universities in 16 different countries including Yogyakarta State University of Indonesia.

At first the two had failed to gain a scholarship program in the period from the departure in April 2016 where they did not get the scholarship from Aichi University of Education, but luck still loomed, the two students were selected for the month of May 2016, Aichi University of Education re-process the registration file and they are to be included on the scholarship selection of JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization). After more than one month waiting out the results of the selection which stated that both students passed the selection and are eligible to join the program for one year at Aichi University of Education, Japan.

This time, both of them have already arrived at Aichi University of Education to undergo lectures along with 9 other students who came from China, Thailand, South Korea, Germany, and Cambodia. (Rah / ant)

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