Faculty of Engineering UNY held and industrial practice briefing for students from 7 departments. There are Civil Engineering and Planning Department, Electrical Engineering Education Department, Electronics Engineering Education Department, Culinary and Fashion Education Department, Automotive Engineering Education Department and Mechanical Engineering Department. The briefing is set to provide supporting knowledge and technical overview before students getting first-hand experience on the industrial workplace. To give clear industrial overview, the briefing also has Baskoro Adiguna from PT. Indomobil Nissan Datsun Solo and Destya Purna Atmaja from PT. Sarihusada Generasi Mahardika (SGM) as speakers.

Moh. Khoiruddin, Ph.D., Vice Dean of Academic Affair Faculty pf Engineering UNY, explained that industrial practice will enrich student direct experience through industrial field work activities both in companies and workshops. “Students are expected to be able to learn entrepreneurship aspects related with the industrial workplace. So that you will be able to make use the experience during the industrial practice for future career and work after graduation, “he said.

“Furthermore, industry practices isn’t only served as a means to complete student learning based on the curriculum, but also set as a strategic means for Faculty of Engineering to ensure the quality control of learning, Industrial practice can be used to evaluate whether or not students has completed competence need by industry. It will also support the effort to ensure link and match between education department in Faculty of Engineering and the Industrial needs” he added.

“I encourage you to choose industry that is truly qualified. Don’t be afraid because of distance and so on. You will get the chance to apply the practical skills acquired during lecture. That’s why, we require students who already completed at least 70 credits. It is important for you to be responsible, discipline, and socialize nicely in the new environment. You all will be the agent and the face of our university,” he added further. (hryo)

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