Faculty of Languages and Arts Articulates Chulalangkorn and Kasetsart Universities of Thailand


The Faculty of Languages and Arts (FLA) YSU has recently implemented an internationalization program by doing a visit to two leading universities in Thailand, namely Chulalangkorn University and Kasetsart University. This visit took place from July 6 to November 9, 2015. Four lecturers as the delegation from Faculty of Languages and Arts are Prof. Dr. Zamzani (Delegation Chairman), Herman, M. Pd (Head of Cooperation, FLA), Dra. Alice Armini, M. Hum., (Head of France Language Education Department) and Dra. Lia Malia, M. Pd (Head of German Language Education Department). This program was a follow-up, after 11 most outstanding students of FLA were sent to Naresuan University, Thailand on December 5 — 19 September 2015.

Besides having academic and cultural activities at the university, Herman, M. Pd. as as the Supervisor and Head of Cooperation FLA, also conducted assessments of cooperation program with Chulalangkorn University and Kasetsart University.
In the Chulalangkorn University, FLA delegations were greeted at the Faculty of Arts, Boromrajkumari Building 9th floor. They had warm discussions with the Head of Western Languages Department and Head of French Section and German Section. "In this university, we were trying to do assessments or pioneering programs in various, academic and non-academic activities, such as guest lecturing, collaborative research, and student exchange." Herman, M. Pd. stated after arriving at FLA, YSU.

Meanwhile, Delegation Chairman of FLA, Prof. Dr. Zamzani revealed that a very positive result from this visit is the decision to hold international seminar on literature in 2016, short course, sit in, and continued with MoU between the two universities.

In Kasetsart University, FLA delegates were no longer doing pioneering but rather development of programs of the MoU that has been signed between the YSU and Kasetsart University. With great hospitality, they were accepted by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Director of the Office of International Affairs, and Head of the German and France Section.

In addition to the joint-seminar, guest lecturing, collaborative research, and student exchange, there is an additional agreement, namely a credit transfer program that will be implemented in 2016 for 1 semester after a discussion on comparison between France and German Education curriculum in YSU and in Kasetsart University is held . (Setiawan)

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