Faculty of Languages and Arts Development Programs in 2015

Faculty of Languages and Arts Development Programs in 2015

The newly reelected dean of the Faculty of Languages and Arts, Prof. Dr. Zamzani, M.Pd. led the first annual meeting at the faculty. In this meeting, programs coordinators and lecturers delivered their aspirations and ideas for the 2015 work plan. Academic plans, facilities and financial plans as well as students’ affairs were discussed in the meeting. The planned programs will also be based on the faculty strategic plan.
The faculty strategic plan is still being drafted so that for now, the programs are based on the university strategic plan. The programs are aimed at achieving the faculty vision and missions. “Each unit of work develops specific programs to promote the unit’s exellence. Those programs should be well structured to improve the implementation of the programs,” Zamzani said.
In his presentation, Zamzani elaborated on the focus of the faculty development programs. The programs include the university three main values implementation, facilities development, student activities development, manpower development, faculty management and governance as well as public relation and cooperation programs.
“Thorough comprehension of the policies and development programs and the awareness of working in synergy are needed to achieve the goals of the programs,” he added.
Further details for the programs were decided and the faculty is ready to boost its academic programs through strengthening the implementation of 2014 curriculum, promoting research, improving faculty members quality and professionalism, and enhancing academic collaboration.
To improve its facilities and financial management, the faculty will work on the administrative improvement, financial allocation and control, administration staff development, facilities maintenance and procurement.
The faculty also develop programs to boost students’ achievement in local, national and international competitions. In addition programs to develop students’ talents, character education, arts, and students’ research.

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