English Workshop entitled "On the Job Training" held by Yogyakarta State University (YSU) has just come to an end on Friday June 3rd, 2016. As an expression of gratitude, especially to Jenise Rowekamp and Margaret Miller as the instructors from the University of Minessota, a farewell ceremony was held as well as the closing of the workshop. The event was held at the Graduate School, YSU. The agenda invited the Deans, Director of the Graduate School, Head of LPPM, Head of LPPMP, Head of the International Affairs Units and Partnerships

(U2IK) as the Local Organizing Committee, and also the student volunteers who had contributed in the running of the workshop for two weeks.

"We thank you for the knowledge and training you have given," said Dr.rer.nat. Senam, the Vice Rector of IV YSU, while brief speech and farewell words. He also stressed the importance of inviting the instructors who are native speakers from America. That day agenda also facilitated local committee (U2IK) to give testimony about the event. Mrs. Nuning Sri Wilujeng, as the Head of U2IK of the Faculty of Languages and Arts (FBS) revealed, "Margaret’s class was very interesting and full of jokes, unfortunately I could not attend it fully because I was required to follow Jenise’s class, who was more serious as it discussed academic writing. However, in general, all participants were very satisfied with the given instruction. "

Lastly, Jenise and Margaret were also given the opportunity to give testimony related to the workshops. "I really applaud the participants, because it is certainly not easy to learn English, considering most of them have not so long studied it, so they must recall the English words they used to be familiar" said Margaret. Meanwhile, Jenise expressed her admiration in those who learn foreign languages more than 1 language, namely Mandarin, France, and Germany.
In the end, YSU through the Vice Rector IV presented two tokens of appreciation to Jenise and Margaret. Then, Jenise and Margaret also shared thank you cards and postcards to all committee and student volunteers who have been helping in the implementation of the English Workshop. (Wulan)

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