UNY students who participating in community service program in Mlaran Village held farming counseling support for local farmers. Students who facilitate this program joined the K099 students community service group. There are two farming counselors from the sub-district invited by UNY students. This program has attracted 17 farmer representatives from RW 5 and RW 4 Mlaran Village, Gebang District, Purworejo.

The program started with a short direct observation on the field. The participant were divided into 4 groups. This observation successfully noted some interesting fact on the soil acidity, sunlight brightness, wind direction, plant pest and leaf color of rice plant. The observation classified the problem into two points. The first is the lack of cleanliness. The second is soil acidity level. There are fields with a soil pH of 4, while a good soil acidity level is 6-7. However, for sunshine brightness and wind direction, it is considered good enough.

This observation give a precise hint for the next activity, the presentation on “prevention and controlling crop pest and disease”. "Yes, it is quite good because first of all, it adds insight into the science of rice cultivation, especially because here the material is given about pests and diseases, which is the main problem that farmers always face", said Karyono, one of the head of farmer group.

Umul, one of the farming counselors, said that apart from the condition of rice fields, it is hard to have frequent monitoring with farmers. Another difficulty is set on the fact that financial difficulties also hamper the attempt to apply the latest farming methods.

“Hopefully, they can do or practice cultivation better which in turn can certainly increase the income of the farmers themselves,” Umul said. (Reza Herdanyo)

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