(Thursday, 6 June 2016) There was an interesting event going on in Yogyakarta State University. The event that was held by the Office of International Affairs and Partnership was one of the parts of the Seminar class taught by Ella Wulandari, M. A. This event was the final project of the Developing Countries Partnership students (KNB) by presenting or sharing their knowledge to public.

This seminar, was divided into three panels. The first panel was moderated by Ruspee with Sirisak Sanmut (Thailand), Areecha (Thailand) and Seven (Namibia) as the speakers. The second one was moderated by Nusree and the presenters are Ruspee (Thailand), Magdalena (Poland), and Djihad (Aljazeera). For the last panel, which was moderated by Djihad, the four presenters were Theo (Rwanda), Minthi (Vietnam), Nusree (Thailand) and Martin (Rwanda).

Every student has their own theme. Starting from the themes of education, social, transportation, media untul health. The international students look relaxed and not nervous. The presented the material in an orderly fashion, even though there were some words hard to pronounce, like “andong”, “leher”, “mbak” and some other words that were unfamiliar to them. The laughter of the audience also added the spirit to the event that was held in the West Senate Room, second floor.

Madame Ella and other English Education students who partook in the Speaking IV class that focuses in in the academic speaking were also present. Also, there were some Indonesian for Foreign Speakers tutors who also accompanied the international students learning Indonesian language.

In overall, this event went down smoothly. The message that the presenters would like to convey was understandable by the Indonesian Native Speaker. The event that commenced from jam 9.15 was closed by a speech from Madame Ella and photo session after the students received souvenirs from Madame Ella. (Yonis)

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