Five YSU Students to Take Part in the 2nd International Young Inventor Award 2015


Five students of Yogyakarta State University have been selected to join the 2nd International Young Inventor Award (IYIA) 2015 in Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Jakarta on June 6 to 10 2015. This award program is held by the Indonesia Invention and Innovation Promotion Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, International Federation of Inventors Association, WIIPA and a number of other official international partners.
They are a team of five students namely Rifaldy Fajar (Mathematics Study Program, Rini Winarti (Biology Education Study Program), Hertin Eka Rahmawati (Social Sciences Education Study Program), Muhammad Ferry (Educational Management Study Program), and Isra Kaida (Indonesian Literature Study Program). Approximately, 500 young innovators from 15 countries compete in this program.
In this 2015 IYIA, the committee provide opportunities for young innovators or scientists to share their creative ideas and present their innovations or techlogies in varied sectors.
“Praise be to God that we passed the national selection. The announcement was done in several steps. Our innovation is based on a research. It is Aloe Vera Gel Extract (X-AVG) as a Natural Preservative of Soybean (for tofu production). Our research employs a comparison test, that is t-test. It has been hard work for us to manage our time and research because our team members were also preparing for other competitions. We certainly do our best for the selection,” Rifaldy explained as the team leader.
500 participants will be divided into categories namely classed A: Agriculture & Environment and Renewabble Energy; classed B: Automotive, Transportation, & Industrial Design; classed C: Biotechnology, Health & Chemicals; classed D: Building, Construction & Materials; classed E: I.C.T, Multimedia & Telecommunications, Electricity & Elctronics; classed F: Manufacturing Process & Machines and Equipment; classed G: Social Sciences.
“We really hope that our innovation will be widely accepted and bring the award home,” Rifaldy closed.

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