KARANGMALANG, FLA UNY - Five students from Faculty of Languages and Arts of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (FLA UNY) were sent to join the student exchange program to Aichi University of Education (AUE), Japan. The program that took place from 22 - 28 November 2017 was held as a continuation of the pioneering cooperation that has been drawn between Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) and AUE. The main purpose of this student exchange was cultural exchange, each country introducing its cultural wealth.The students follow a number of programs that have been designed to be more familiar with Japanese culture. In the midst of this increasingly highly connected world, the introduction of cultures between countries becomes a necessity,said Nuning Catur Sri Wilujeng, as Coordinator of Cooperation and Public Relations Unit, FLA UNY in her office.The students participated in the program for a week with one lecturer, Dr. Maman Suryaman, M.Pd. The five students sent to Nagoya Japan were Amanah Suci (English Education), Aminatul Nur Afifah (Javanese Language Education), Apriliana (English Education), Dedi Nurohman (Indonesian Language and Literature Education), and Winda Annisa Ulhaifa (Craft Education ).There were several programs organized for FLA UNY students. These programs, among others, were club activity tour, FLA UNY students were brought to visit and interact with local students through a number of games. Another program was the English Communication Class with Prof. Robbins. In this program, information about system and condition of education in each country were exchanged. During their stay in Nagoya, the students also learned Japanese calligraphy and origami.To be able to observe and feel more of the life of Japanese society, the students also resided in the homes local residents. They mingled and interacted directly with Japanese society. In addition, the students also visited schools in Japan, including Nagoya Primary School which was still incorporated with AUE. The students did a direct observation of activities at school. They learned how the education system was implemented in Nagoya Japan.Even in just one week, we have a lot of experience and valuable knowledge,said Aminatul Nur Afifah. [budi/ismi]

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