Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Yogyakarta State University (FMS YSU) in collaboration with the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF) organized a Workshop on Active Learning in the Sciences (22/4), at the courtroom of the faculty. The workshop was attended by 20 teachers from various schools in Yogyakarta, and also by 20 students. The speaker for the field of physics was Allen Price, PhD (Associate Professor at Emmanuel College Boston, USA) and for the field of biology was Ana R. Otero, Ph.D. DVM (Senior Lecturer at Emmanuel College Boston, USA).

On that occasion, the Senior Program Officer of AMINEF, Astrid F Lim, explained to the workshop participants that AMINEF is a foundation that runs a scholarship or educational exchange program between Indonesia and America.
"One of our programs is to bring experts from the United States to come to Indonesia, either for teaching or research and to affiliate with universities or other educational institutions. Some them are currently stationed in YSU from January to June 2016, namely Allen Price, Ph.D., and Ana R. Otero, Ph.D. DVM. Hopefully this workshop can provide added value in terms of lessons for us all in the future, "she continued.

Another program of AMINEF, according to Astrid, Indonesia is sending people to the United States to go to college either for Master or Doctoral degree, or non-degree exchange programs both aimed at teachers to conduct training in the US for about 6 months. There is also an exchange student program for one semester.

"AMINEF strongly supports the empowerment of teachers in Indonesia in order to improve quality and continue to compete in the world of education that is getting more competitive," she explained.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Hartono explained that this workshop was only one part of the cooperation of the Faculty with AMINEF. The purpose of this activity was to improve the development of education in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. "We hope this activity can be transmitted to other teachers", he said. (witono)

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