As an effort to continue producing competitive graduates in the global era, Faculty of Sport Science, Yogyakarta State University (FSS YSU) is always trying to dynamically increase the competence of lecturers and students. This vision is actualized by cooperating with Klima Anlage Jaya Limited in the dissemination and promotion of the handball sport. A subsidiary of PT New Armada is very concerned with the sport in Indonesia, especially handball. Vice Dean of FSS YSU, Dr. Or. Mansur, M.S., representing the Dean of FSS YSU was very enthusiastic in accepting the visit and he was very open for cooperation to develop sports in Indonesia, especially handball, which is still new in the eyes of the community. In line with the Vice Dean’s statement, Chairman of the Department of Physical Education, Erwin Setyo Kriswanto, M.Kes. recognized that the current handball course is quite popular among students; about four classes are available.

The hearing was to discuss a plan of cooperation between FSS YSU and Klima Anlage Jaya Limites in the dissemination and promotion of handball in particular in Yogyakarta, taking place at the Chief Meeting Room of Academic Services Center Building (GPLA) FSS YSU (17/2). "We chose to entrust FSS YSU because we consider FSS YSU is potential for the dissemination and promotion of handball in academic circles and the public in Yogyakarta, said Putu Wijoyo, S.E., M.M., as HRD Manager of Klima Anlage Jaya Ltd.
Putu explained that the first step is socialization in the form of public lectures, coaching clinic, and an exhibition match to lecturers and students of FSS YSU. In addition, at this time FSS YSU is the only faculty which has a handball venue with size, lines, and quality to international standards, that is, in YSU’s Sports Hall (GOR UNY).

Marc Teixeira, a coach of handball from France, was very happy with the appreciation and support from FSS YSU in developing the handball sport in Yogyakarta. “15 of 20 handball senior athletes in Yogya are from FSS YSU, and I'm sure that one day the achievement of handball in Yogya will shine even in Asian level ', added the coach who is fluent in the Indonesian language. At the end of the meeting, the two institutions agreed to hold a public lecture or studium generale inviting 7 people for lecturers and students of FSS YSU. (Satya)

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