Maimun and Surtini, two characters in Gadis-Gadis Pelagak (Arrogant Girls), are a representation of women who are fond of materialistic and sophisticated life styles. For those women, who are considered as two disobedient teenagers, happiness is in line with materialism, dignity and prestige.

The two women are nowadays reperesentation of women who do not have a gut to stay outside without their face powder and mirror. They show that dignity walks hand in hand with a a large amoutn of wealth, attractive appearance, and glittering jewelry.
Then Raden Haryo and  Raden Adi, the next characters, arrived and held their heads high because they have known the girls well. They are fond of sweet promises, poem full of praises, and adorable appearances.

The attractive collaboration between Raden Haryo and Raden Adi was fruitful. The girls were attracted to them. Soon, they became vulnerable to the tricks of these witty men. But it did not last long. The fake noble status of the two deceitful men were finally revealed. In the end of the story all of them were drowned in their sorrow. The girls finally realized that the boys were the ones they had rejected previously.

The story about Maimun, Surtini, Raden Haryo and Raden Adi is a synopsis of Moliere’s Gadis-Gadis Pelagak. The French author piece of work was adapted to a Javanese atmosphere by Teater Cermin (Mirror Theatre) (Theatre Community of Class C Indonesian Language and Literature Education, the Faculty of Languages and Arts, YSU).

This drama was performed on Monday, December, 15th 2014 at Tejakusuma theatre. It was the third performance out of five other performances under the supervision of Dr. Suroso, M.Pd., M.Th. and Dr. Nurhadi, M.Hum. Over five thousands audiences watched this performance.

Six days prior to it, Arifin C. Noer’s Umang-Umang was performed by Sinawang Theatre on Tuesday (9/12/2014). Umang-Umang means a little crab which lives in uman’s nest. It was such a difficult surrealist script to take on the stage. This  drama, which was directed by Tsalaisye Nur F was prepared independently by the students in September.

Umang-Umang is a story about Waska, a robber. When he was planning to rob he suffered from a strange disease which had his body gone numb. His crews were so sad and worked hard to find such medicine to heal it. Finally they found it and Waska went well. Ranggong and Borok, the crews, also took it and it made them immortal. However, they failed to die each time they tried to kill themselves and were so tired of life. (Rio T. Handoko dan Yani)

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