Yogyakarta State University (YSU) students who are members of Garuda Formula 16 (FG16) will compete in the 2016 Formula Student Japan organized by Society of Automotive Engineering of Japan (JSAE) in early September. This competition is one of a series of Formula Student from SAE International. This is the most prestigious competition among universities and institutes around the world. The team will compete to create a formula car specific for students from static event covering cost report, design report, business logic of the plan, up to dynamic event which includes acceleration, autocross, skid pad, endurance, and efficiency. The winner is announced based on the total points in overall races.

Garuda UNY Racing Team will compete again this year but with some varying improvement through both static or dynamic events. The YSU team consists of students with different academic backgrounds. "We are trying to create a solid team who come from a variety of disciplines to meed the needs of the team," Dr Zainal Arifin said as the Advisor of Garuda UNY Racing Team. For battling in the 2016, preparation has been done since October 2015.

In the preparation stage, the team gets the rehearsal 4 to 6 days a week in order to record accurate data on performance. The team also gains support from a number of companies and institutions to improve the performance of the team and to contribute in bringing the good name of Indonesia in international scale. On 12 August, the team is to be scheduled to join Roll-Out Team Formula Garuda 16 (FG16). The car named Garuda Formula 16 (FG16) is an upgraded version of the previous year Garuda Formula 15 (F15). Lightweight materials with smaller parts and different specifications make the weight of the vehicle is reduced from 245kg into 220kg. "Mounting engine is designed to withstand vibration and shaft is made lighter with a smaller diameter to withstand a force of 4 Newton meters and 46 House Power so that it can improve the performance of the vehicles in the following race " suggested Widhihastu who is an Automotive Designer of Garuda UNY Racing Team. Data collection to remove the shortcomings are increasingly making the team convinced to obtain a better rating than last year. Until recently, Garuda UNY Racing Team is very open with collaboration from a wide range of companies to build better Indonesia. Information and updates of Garuda UNY Racing Team can be accessed in (Yoko)

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