Garuda UNY Racing Team (GURT) was challenged to market their product. This becomes one aspect included in the assesment during 2015 Student Formula Japan (SFJ) competition held on 1—5 September 2015 in Shizouka. The 2015 SFJ competition does not only challenge the candidates in terms of the excellence of their formula cars. The event also considers other aspect, that is, the Business Logic Plan (BLP).

GURT strives to undertake several analysis related with the sale of their produt.

Three of the GURT team members namely Bondan Prakoso, Anis Nur Fatimah, dan Novia Nuraini will present their business logic plan in less than 10 minutes in a series of static event 2015 SFJ. The presentation will take place on the first day of competition, namely on Tuesday 1 September 2015 from 15.30 until 16.00. They will deliver their business logic plan of their future company. To attract for customes, they offer an Android-based application called GURT Apps. GURT Apps is a mobile application bringin up several features, such as Show Room, Customer Service, Self Diagnosis and Contact Us.

This is a marketplace app developed by GURT. The Show Room feature displays types of car available, where customers can select which car they need to buy. There is also Self Diagnosis feature which allows users to detect breakdown on their car. In the near future, the application will be further developed to ease customer in using the GURT application. The additional feature will be room for chatting that will enable communication with customer service more easily.

The application is one of GURT strategies to invite investors while attracting potential customers to be involved in their business. “In the business plan, we do not only concern the financial aspect, but also other supporting elements. Our value-added includes Eco-Friendly and Green energy concept. The other advantage is the presence of Android app that will assist customers in buying their desired car, as well as guiding them in terms of the maintenance. The point is, we want to focus on attracting customers,” Bondan Prakoso pointed out. (Anis)


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