The Garuda UNY Racing Team (GURT) participated in the Yogyakarta Millennial Road Safety Festival at Titik 0 Kilometer, on Sunday (10/3). The presence of the Garuda UNY Car Team is to participate and give a message as millennial citizens as well, to pay attention to safety in driving. This is proven by the Safety Award at the 2018 Shell Eco-marathon Asia event held at the Changi Exhibition Center, Singapore.

The Garuda UNY Racing Team opened the Formula Garuda 18 (FG-18) car exhibition booth, photo booth, it also distributed free door prizes to visitors who visited the booth. Visitors may also give their support for GURT in the 2019 Shell Eco-marathon Asia event at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia next April.

The Millennial Road Safety Festival Yogyakarta activity is a form of cooperation from the National Traffic Police throughout Indonesia that aims to reduce the level of accidents. Because most of the accident victims were in the millennial generation, the National Police carried the theme "Millennial" in the event. In addition, the younger generation or millennial generation is the next generation that should understand traffic rules for driving safety.

Head of the Organization of the Indonesian Motorbike Association (IMI) in Yogyakarta, M. Affandi, said that there were many accidents in Indonesia and those who dominated were young people. "The level of accidents in Indonesia increases every year. We target that by 2020 it will decrease by 50%, in order to realize the decline in the accident rate, the Traffic Police of Yogyakarta will collaborate with IMI and the Garuda UNY Racing Team.” added Afandi.

Reported by the committee that this event was attended by around 20,000 people from all parts of the city even not only from Yogyakarta. To face this event, the team certainly prepares merchandise that is shared with the people.

In this event the Garuda UNY Racing Team also introduced sponsors who had collaborated with the Garuda UNY Racing Team. GURT really grateful for the support given by Motul, Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia Steel Tube Works (ISTW), Add Suspension, Yamaha, DID, WAGO, Yuasa, FDR, Mandiri, BTN, Biies, Manual Tech, RILON, PANATEK, Igus, Keizer, Solidworks, Nestle, DENSO, Hoosier, Bengkel Idek, Ikatan Keluarga Alumni Otomotif UNY (IKATO), Harian Jogja, Tribun Jogja, Good News From Indonesia (GNFI), Kedaulatan Rakyat, Stadion Maguwoharjo, dan Citra Jogja Kreasi.

Garuda UNY Racing Team, Let’s Fly High. - (Arbima.terj.Syarif)

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