Saturday (18/3), after being crowned as The Third Winner in SEM Asia Pacific 2017 in Singapore, Garuda UNY Eco Team has also been named as one of the selected participants (recommended) to follow the Driver's World Championship (DWC) in the Asia Pacific Regional.

"This was our first experience at Shell Eco Marathon. Alhamdulillah,   the minimum target can be met. Third place and could participate in the selection of DWC. More than amazing! "Said Sutiman as Advisor.

With the achievement of best result of 221 km / l, the team YSU along with seven other teams, UI, ITS, UNS, ITB, De LA Salle University, UGM, and UNDIP, will race for the ticket to the Grand Final Driver's World Championship (DWC) in Europe next May.

Representatives of Shell Indonesia, Rini, was amazed by the achievement of GUT, "I am very fascinated by YSU. They are just new comer but they can win. For new comers, usually to get through Technical Inspection alone is a remarkable achievement, let alone winning. Yes, all is certainly because of the hard work and teamwork. Success for Garuda YSU! "Rini also wished GUT can participate in the coming year and hope that the GUT can return with a better car performance.

After the announcement of the Urban Concept champion, selected participants had been busy preparing the vehicle for a more thrilling race. Because the race previously required for economical- mileage, and now the concern is speed.

"Whatever the form of the race is the important thing is that we understand and adhere to the rules.” said Mustafit Septian Garuda driver of UNY Eco Team.

I Wayan Yogi, the reserve driver, added that, the challenge becomes more difficult because the car is designed as an efficient car instead of a racing car. "But whatever the challenge we are always ready".

In addition to on-track awards, there were three categories of off-track awards, followed by Garuda YSU Eco Team, namely Communication, Design, and Safety Awards. The entire category will be announced today, in conjunction with the announcement of the team that will be sent to the Grand Final DWC at the Shell Eco Marathon in Europe this year. (EJ)

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