Garuda UNY (YSU) Racing Team is Ready for Student Car Competitions in Japan and South Korea

Garuda UNY (YSU) Racing Team  is Ready for Student Car Competitions in Japan and South Korea

Garuda UNY Racing Team (GURT) -(YSU Racing Team) held a joint prayer and tumpeng (a cone-shaped rice dish like mountain with its side dishes) cutting ceremony on Thursday (05/02/2015) in their quarter at the Faculty of Engineering in order to prepare for 2015 competition. Rahmat Hidayat Asri as GURT Public Relation opened the ceremony, which was continued by a speech and motivational session delivered by Bondan Prakoso as the team leader and Yusuf Mulyadi, the latter shared their experience in dealing with bureaucracy.

Naufal Anas Fauzi as the technical chief of YSU delegation for Student Formula Japan accompanied by Bondan Prakoso were appointed to cut the tumpeng. The first piece was given to Bondan as the team leader and everyone clapped along. “As this is the first piece to cut, all members should eat this together,” Bondan said.

This year, GURT will take part in two different competitions, namely 2015 International Student Green Car Competition (ISGCC) in Seoul, South Korea and Student Formula Japan (SFJ) for the first time from September 2—6, 2015 in ECOPA (Ogasayama-Sports; Shizouka-ken), Japan.

The technical team are working on the car starting from February to April 2015. The car will be exhibited to public on May 2, 2015. The exhibition will be part of the Indonesian Education Day anniversary at the university. This year, GURT is optimistic to bring the trophy to Indonesia from 2015 ISGCC, whereas for SFJ, GURT targets to win Best Rookie and Best Presentation categories.

In the last year’s competition, GURT had successfully secured 4 trophies in ISGCC in Seoul, namely 1st Winner for Endurance (Hybrid) category, 1st Winner for Acceleration (Hybrid) category, 2nd Winner for Creative Technology (Hybrid) category, and 3rd Winner for Acceleration (Electric) category. (Anis)

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