Garuda Hybrid (GH) 16, a hybrid car by Yogyakarta State University’s racing team will be the only car made by Indonesian students participating in the upcoming International Student Car Competition 2016, right now is undergoing its test-trial.
“On this test trial, the driver of Garuda UNY Team (GUT) already conducted some routine exercises, three times on this week at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman. Along with this trial, the development is still going on to yield a maximum output.” said Teguh, as the chief of ISCC team.

From the November 2015, GUT had already started the manufacturing process for the car that is scheduled to join the competiion on 27-28 May 2016 at Songsan-Myun, Hwasung-si, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea. After the designing process and the analysis are done, GUT started welding the frame. The car that has hull number 115, has a frame which is a little bit different from the previous car that already succeeded bringing Indonesia as the Overall Winner at the last year ISCC.

“This year’s frame is an improvement from the last year frame. “said Anwar Dwi Murwanto, The Automotive Designer of Garuda UNY Team.

Anwar added that the frame was manufactured with a minimum weight design and comply with the regulations of the competition. Last year, all teams were free to manufacture frame in their own specs, there was no fixed rule about the measurements, but now we have more regulations, such as the density and the diameter of the pipe used. This is the difference, also it was intended to reduce the weight in order to comply with this year regulation.

“The entire raw material to produce the frame was supported by PT. Indonesia Steel Tube Works (ISTW), a company that operates in the steel-manufacturing area and has become the sponsor of GUT since 2015. This is a tremendous support for Garuda UNY Team to continue our achievements for the name of Indonesia abroad. GUT is always ready for embracing any support from government, company and community.” Anwar remarked. (Een)

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