Exactly two years, Arvida Rizzqie Hanita stayed in Germany. After graduated from the German Language Education, Faculty of languages and Arts, Yogyakarta State University in 2013, she decided to depart to German, who was the winning country of 2014 World Cup. Now, the girl has come beck to Indonesia and is amoung thousands of people selected in Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar (Indonesia Teaches Movement) XI. She is one of 50 selected participants, from the total thousand applicants.

Initially, she followed Au-pair program, where she got the chance to live with German family for a year. This is the second year she settled down in the country, learning new things while working with people in special need as a social worker, termed as Freiwillige Soziales Jahr.

Not just becoming fluent in speaking Deutsch, what she did in Germany motivated her to contribute to her country. Her study background in Education then led her to devotee her knowledge and contribution to Indonesia Mengajar program. "I decided to register in this program because there are no restrictions as to the certain study programs. All can join it,” she added.

For the selection, she completed all administrative requirements from Germany. "The most challenging one was making the essay.", she said, as she was busy with her social work. "Even I never thought I could pass the first stage," she added. All the selection processes she did from Germany including the interview and simulation teaching through Skype."

As the former Vice Chairman of Association of German Language Education students YSU, she mentioned the next stage was when the participants were required to perform teaching simulation online. At 04.00 in the morning, she was teaching the elementary school students of grade 2. "In the simulation, all pupils were her friends, totaling 6." She relied on tablet and internet network for the teaching simulation. Unexpectedly, she qualified to follow the next stage namely medical check-up test, in Indonesia.

Then, she is currently waiting for the training. "Later, after following the training and quarantine, there will be announcement for placement. It does not matter where the location is, as long as I could devote my intellectualism to the nation.
She hoped buy partisipating in this program, she could grab new things and become such an inspiration for a lot of people. Of course, her experience in Germany is for developing her capability. (Fitri Ananda)

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