The popularity of Bali in the eyes of international community is reflected from how foreign visitors acknowledge Bali more than Indonesia, that is, by saying “Which part of Bali Indonesia is located? The world reputation of Bali Island cannot be separated from the varying art and culture which are covered by animism and dynamism among the Balinese. The consistency of the society in maintaining art and culture of Bali has indeed preserved the culture itself from the current globalization era.

These factors encourage 30 international students of Yogyakarta State University (YSU) from Developing Countries Partnership (DCP) scholarship, accompanied by 1 lecturer and several staff members to get acquaintance with the art and culture of Bali.

Udayana University was chosen as the first destination of those students once arriving at Bali. The students were warmly welcomed by Vice Rector IV Prof. Drs. I Made Suastra, PhD. In the same occasion, the Executive Director of Center for International Programs of Udayana University, Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, Ph.D. explained and presented international programs held by the university. Those international students learnt much about the academic culture in the university. They also addressed some inquiries regarding student enrollment, scholarship, and number of international students that the university is currently managing.

In addition to Udayana University, those students also paid a visit to Indonesian Hindhu University. At the second university, the students were allowed to ask further concerning the uniqueness of Balinese culture. Dr. Ida Bagus Dharmika MA, as the University Rector, Prof. Dr. I Putu Gelgel, SH. M.Hum as the Director of Graduate School, as well as Head of Department of Graduate School were also attending the agenda. The students were also having a discussion with Balinese culture experts. The topics were around around traditional ceremony conducted by Balinese people, the offerings prepared for the ceremony, cultural symbols, as well as the meaning of Pura which exists almost in all houses of Balinese people.

After getting knowledge on Balinese culture through academic visitation in the two universities, the students had a visit to several tourism places and attractions in Bali. One of which was by watching Barong Dance. The students also witnessed Ngaben procession, Petik Laut, and Sedekah Laut held in Tanah Lot. The two last mentioned processions were expected as a form of thanksgiving for this year good harvest. In addition, the students and other staff members were enjoying beaches and playing with water games. (Adhi/Sinta)

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