Getting the Opportunity for studying at UNY for free


Qotrun Nada, daughter of Riswanto and Daryati, who earn a living as a daily farm laborer and small trader, can study at UNY for free. She will learn in the sociology education study program of the Faculty of Social Sciences. “Initially, I felt that I was in the wrong major since I entered natural science in high school.  Such a situation has influenced my grade poorly.  Fortunately, my score was not too embarrassing during the final exam,” said Qotrun Nada. Finally, the alumni of SMAN 1 Maos Cilacap crossed majors in participating in the SBMPTN by choosing the Social and Social Studies study program.

Qotrun Nada admitted that since grade 12 when she was still learning online, she had used his social media accounts a lot to find information about state universities, looked for links to learning resources, and viewed the Twitter accounts of students studying UTBK so that they became his own driving force, and was finally motivated to learn.

"This is an effective way to overcome demotivation in learning because when competitors are actively trying to pass PTN, it will be extraordinary if I am lazy," she said. Furthermore, forcing yourself to learn feels good because every day, you encounter new materials that were previously considered difficult. Still, you can answer UTBK prediction questions more easily than before when you understand.

Riswanto said that he initially advised his daughter to take a university nearby in Purwokerto. "However, the teacher at SMAN 1 Maos, Afip Suprihatin, told me to follow the wishes of his daughter who wants to study where she wants, because it is for her future too," said Qotrun Nada's father. Finally, Riswanto and Daryati allowed their daughter to study where they wanted.

Qotrun Nada was relieved by her parents' decision because she could fulfill her wish to become a sociology teacher. After looking for a university that has a sociology education study program, I finally found the closest PTN that held it, namely UNY. As a result, Qotrun has strengthened her first choice of Admission Selection in Sociology Education at UNY and his second choice in Indonesian Language Education UNSOED. "Whatever the result is the best for Qotrun, this is the way of sustenance. I am grateful that my daughter was accepted at UNY,” said Daryati.

Qotrun Nada was grateful to be accepted at UNY with the KIPK scholarship, so she do not have to pay tuition fees. When asked about her tips on passing the admission test, the girl born in Cilacap on October 28, 2002 said that the main thing is to study hard. At 05.00 – 07.00 am Qotrun learns the easy material first or just reviews the material for last night's study. After the online class was finished, around 13.00, the students continued to study UTBK with rather heavy material such as mathematics, and finished at 15.00. She explained that at 20.00 – 22.00, she could test the ability to understand the material by answering the test practice questions and sometimes trying out. At 22.00 Qotrun stopped all activities to get full rest.

Principal of SMAN 1 Maos Dra. Musripah was happy that one of her students had successfully penetrated UNY through the SBMPTN pathway. “Qotrun is indeed a diligent and active student in school organizations. If something needs to be fixed, she will fix it without hesitation," said Musripah. She hopes that her student will achieve outstanding achievements at UNY. (Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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