Garuda Car Team UNY successfully achieved 'Grand Prix Hybrid Car Category' achievement in International Student Car Competition (ISCC) 2018 competition as the highest achievement in the event. The competition takes place on 18-19 May 2018 organized by Korean Automobile Testing and Research Institute (KATRI) at KATRI Songsan-Myun Paving Ground, Hwasong-si, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea. In the competition, Garuda UNY with Garuda Hybrid 2018 (GH-18) managed to occupy 1st Acceleration, 1st Maneuver / Gymkhana Overall, and 1st Endurance. In addition, Garuda UNY Car Team also received "Best of the Best Hybrid Car Category" which also became a consistency of the team in maintaining the title in the category of hybrid vehicles.
Gea Lurudancang as delegation representative and Team Leader revealed that in the second day competition was a great achievement for his team, although on the first day had left behind by the competitors. "Today is very happy and touched, although in the first day race we had left behind by competitors, but on this second day we were able to reclaim the position", explains Gea Lurudancang.
In addition, Febrianto Amri Ristadi, M.Eng.Sc. as the advisor said that the first day of competition GUT able to occupy the top position on acceleration electric 11,800 s and acceleration hybrid 9,890 s. Then proceed with a double maneuver that gets the best time 23. 860 s.
At the same time in the second day competition, the Team also gained the best result on endurance assessment. According to Dicky Putra Kurniawan as Racer, game strategy is very instrumental in the determination of endurance results. "Alhamdulillah we always apply the strategy in this endurance, when acceleration and maneuver has reached the best time, we also have to pursue endurance by completing 15 Laps within 22 Minutes. In this maneuver we need full concentration and must really understand the track, "said Dicky.
Drs. Agus Santoso, M. Pd. as Vice Dean II of the Faculty of Engineering who helped accompany during the competition also expressed his appreciation. He also said that the main thing is the cohesiveness of the team and always fighting to the death. "We as faculty members thank you for fighting to the end. Convinced that you can afford it the most. My hope, togetherness and kinship are always intertwined among us. Faculty also proud and prayer become the main, "said Drs. Agus Santoso, M. Pd. as WD II Faculty of Engineering.
In the final session, Gea lurudancang as chairman of the Team also conveyed a thank you to all parties who have supported the team to compete. "Thanks to all GUT friends, Civitas Akademika UNY, as well as all sponsors and media partners who have supported and pray for a full-support delegation team so as to provide an aura of spirit and achieve the expected target," said Gea.
The success of the team cannot be separated from the support of both the campus, as well as sponsors and media partners who have supported Car Garuda UNY team before and during the competition, among others Motul, FDR, Garuda Indonesia, Yamaha, ISTW, Maguwoharjo Stadium, CV. Wahana Karya, IKATO, Yuasa, Igus, Solidworks, Tech Manuals, Bies, Idek Workshop, Citra Jogja Kreasi, SKF Indonesia, Bank Mandiri and Jogja Tronik. (Rb)

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