The presence of campus as a magnet development is not a new thing. Prof. Sutrisna Wibawa, Rector of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) said that Bulaksumur, the location where UGM stands and Depok which are becoming the location UI campus, was used to be an empty land. The development was increasing since the campus existed.

This experience inspired UNY for doing the groundbreaking of the new campus in Gunungkidul, on Friday, February 21, 2020. By building Gunungkidul, which considered as a village, Sutrisna declared that Gunungkidul as develops as Yogyakarta.

“By building the new campus of UNY, we declared Gunungkidul as a satellite city of Yogyakarta. The second kota pelajar in DIY after Jogja which becomes a magnet of investment and economic activities!” said Sutrisna in the event attended by Regent, Chairman of DPRD, and all Regional Leaders Communication Forum (Forkopimda) of Gunungkidul.

It is a privilege for Gunungkidul

Because of the presence of UNY, Badingah, Gunungkidul Regent said that the development of Gunungkidul will be quick. The people from Semanu will able to open a store, laundry, boarding house or any other trading activities. It will have a good prospect because there will be around 5.000 – 6.000 students who will study at UNY Gunungkidul when the college fully operated.

“UNY presence is answering the complaints which often delivered by the chairpersons that it is hard to look for the investor and investment in Semanu. Gunungkidul will develop and prosperous,” said Badingah, referred to the location of the college in Kepuh, Pacarejo, Semanu Subdistrict, Gunungkidul District. Not only quick, but Badingah was also said that the privilege from the college will continue regularly because the college’s presence is an immortal education investment in each of Gunungkidul people.

By studying, people will have both technic or entrepreneurship competence. The alumni, later, will be able to create employment or become a magnet for an investor to develop their industry in Gunungkidul since there are already human resources in that area. “This is supported by the specialization of Gunungkidul campus as a vocation college, which the alumni are set to work. So it is wanted by Gunungkidul people to increase Human Development Index which is still low in Yogyakarta,” added Badingah.

The reborn on the new professor and rector

To ensure human resource investment, UNY will provide at least 50% special for Gunungkidul students. Sutrisna said it is a commitment of the Gunungkidul Regency Government as well as a land grant which becomes a campus.

“If there is a question, what does Gunungkidul get from asking UNY to build the campus and giving a land grant, we can answer: UNY will accept at least 50%, and for Gunungkidul students who study at this campus later proudly,” declared Sutrisna.

Technically, the student selection will be started around June and July. The construction of UNY college building (first step) will spend amount 4 billion Rupiah and it is estimated in September. It is the moment when the new semester began. The fund comes from Non – tax State Revenue (PNBP) UNY, as well as the granted of land assets, belongs to the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud).

Later, the students who will study and graduate from Gunungkidul campus of UNY, are expected to be able to make their parents, family or the regions proud. Other than that, Gunungkidul students can develop Gunugkidul by devoting themselves and work in their respective fields of expertise.
Sutrisna said that himself, who came from Sokoliman Village. Although he was born in the is considered as a remote area, he could be a professor and also rector because of studying. His skills in the academic and technocrat field which later devoted to develop Gunungkidul based on his capacity. Therefore, he hopes that there will be more Gunungkidul students who can reach the same chance as him.

“If I were not at school, I would stuck by farming or hunting in the forest. By studying at school, I can stand in the front of you, ladies and gentlemen. And I really want Gunungkidul students has a same chance as me, then develop Gunungkidul later” ended Sutrisna. (Ilham Dary A, Tj. Lalak)

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