Various waste treatment technologies such as incineration and recycle have been developed for a long time, even in the last 30 years, the development has been increasing in the field of scope and the technique process. As well as said by Hans-Joachim Alfeld from Senior Experten Service Germany in general stadium in entitled “Best Practice of Solid Waste Treatment Technology in Germany and Other Countries” held by the Mechanical Engineering Education Study Program, Faculty of Engineering UNY (18/02/2020). This event is also a corporation with Biomassa Association and Biogas Indonesia and Indonesia Solid Wate Forum.

Hans explained that landfill is the place for precipitation of hazardous substances or it can not be used anymore so it should be removed permanently. He said “This system is using Macro Enkapsulasi model, which is a process that waste hazardous substances are packaged in the big matric structure,” He continued “The Encapsulation technique depends on the type of waste and the dangerous level using double seal system. If the first seal fails, the second one should maintain the seal function. Generally, the seal consists of a combination seal with a mineral clay layer and the cover membrane with a thickness of 2-3 mm. In addition, the bottom part must also be waterproof, ”

He added that in the waste treatment, the wasted is often mixed so for recycling, the waste should be sorted and separated using general and special sorting methodology. He also said, in Germany, the waste treatment starts from collecting the waste in one place at an automatic sorting location. It is filtered using the various sizes and techniques, such as star or drum sieves. “The waste is often treated before further used through the various tools and technique,” said Hans. There are also some special areas with each own technique, such as fermentation, composting, electrical waste recycling, neon tube recycling, battery recycling, special waste chemical treatment, paper recycling, plastic recycling and pyrolysis. (hryo, Tj. Lalak)

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