Hard Work Will Not Betray the Results, Desita Graduated with a GPA of 3.93


Desita Dwi Rahmatulloh became one of the happy graduates of UNY on August 27, 2022. Desita successfully graduated from the Communication Science StudyProgram UNY with a GPA of 3.93. Desita's achievement is the result of a long struggle. Studying in the Communication Science Program at UNY has been one of her dreams since she was in Vocational School. However, achieving goals is not easy. "After being declared not to have passed the National Selection, I tried to study online and borrow some books so that I could take advantage of the limited time to study the material independently," said Desita. Her efforts finally paid off and led her to pass the 2018 Independent Selection route.

Desita is grateful to learn and grow in a supportive environment. This environment makes learning activities on campus more enjoyable. The lecturer's varied and communicative teaching method is one aspect that makes it easier for her and her classmates to learn the material. “I also meet colleagues who care about me in class and the organization. Thanks to them, I could get through the difficult times I faced during my studies,” she said.

While studying at UNY, Desita worked as a freelancer to earn extra money. "I once worked as a broadcaster at an educational radio station in Jogja. It was a great experience for me to learn many things," she said. Even though she was working, Desita still set college as the priority that must be completed properly. Desita has the principle that learning can come from anyone and anywhere. "When you feel difficult, never be shy to ask smarter friends. In addition, we need to often read books and articles from digital media. This is enough to add insight so that we can be more prepared to receive material when the lecture takes place," said Desita. In addition, Desita is also diligent in taking notes and understanding the character and assessment methods of the lecturers.

As Desita's parents, Sugeng Sihono and Suryani, have never forced their daughter to enter a specific study program. Suryani as a mother, stated that Desita's father previously suggested Desita study in a field other than communication. "But our daughter objects to the suggestion, so we as parents just support her choice," Suryani said. The trust of the parents fosters a sense of responsibility in Desita. From elementary school to vocational high school, the Bidikmisi scholarship awardee has won rankings, actively participated in organizations, participated in competitions, and joined a student exchange program funded by several state-owned enterprises. “My parents never rigidly expected me to complete something. But because I was given the trust, I was motivated to learn to be independent and be responsible with life,” said Desita.

Desita believes that the key to success in learning is the ability to regulate the rhythm of learning and proceed through the best method for each version of ourselves. “Life is a roller coaster ride. Growing up was tough. Sometimes we don't know what to do and cry a lot. So, whenever you are at this point, hope you can get through this and remember there's better days ahead," she concluded. (Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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