You need to stay healthy. There are several methods that you can choose. One of the options is by wearing health care shoes. This idea may seem familiar for some of us. But thanks to Nanda Veruna Enun Kharisma, Solekhawati (Elementary School Teacher Education), Amaliatul Firdaus (Accounting Education), Danang Dwiyoga Adimurdaka (informatics Engineering Education) and Nur Mahsun Asqalany Ramadhan (English language education); we can have Smart Shoes as multipurpose product for health, education and fashion use.

Solekhawati explained that Smart Shoes has removable reflexology pads. “The removable pads is applied to ensure that these shoes can be used for daily activities as well as a medical care,” she said. "Through QR code technology attached to shoes, audiovisual information about culture can be displayed by scanning markers or scanning," Nanda Veruna Enun Kharisma explained on the education use. For those who demand shoes with fashion touch, some of Indonesia traditional patterns are worth to choose.

Danang Dwiyoga Adimurdaka explained that Smart Shoes completed through several step of preparation, processing and quality control. For shoes design pattern application as example, acrylic paint is applied on shoes surface. The applied patterns are batik, wayang and other ethnic motifs. Then QR Code that have been printed stitched on the shoes.  To ensure shoes in good condition, there are quality control procedures done.

Amaliatul Firdaus said that the Smart-Shoes Application is an educational application developed on the basis of the android system on this health shoe. "This application has illustrated articles and short videos about wayang and the motifs of the archipelago as one of the educational programs for the introduction and cultural literacy as well as cultural preservation activities," she said. Consumers of smart-shoes can access this application using the QR code that has been embedded in the shoe as the access code to the smart-shoes application. This work won the Directorate of Higher Education funding in the Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program in 2019. (Dedy)

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