Healthy Chips from Banana Stem Waste


A team of UNY students consisting of Yustina Rahma Sari, Linda Oktafianingsih, Brina Gamelisa, Kiki Adisti, Rahayu, Tiar Rahmasanti, Arief Kurniawan, Fani Maulana, Muhammad Raihan A and Tria Adelia succeeded in processing banana stems into chips. "After harvesting bananas, banana tree trunks are cut down and rotted. People mostly have not used banana stems, so the stems have no economic value. Therefore, we are interested in making food innovations from banana stems," said Yustina Rahma Sari.

To give a wider impact, the UNY student team has held training on making banana stem chips for women in Bojong Village, Purworejo Regency. With this innovation in making banana stem chips, banana stem waste can provide economic benefits and, at the same time, a healthy snack for the community.

Linda Oktavianingsih said that banana stems are useful for detoxifying the digestive system, losing weight, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure, curing stomach acid, and stabilizing blood sugar. The nutritional content in banana tree trunks are tannins, saponins, and flavonoids. "These three chemical compounds are very good for boosting our body's immune system," she said. Banana stems are also fiber-rich, contain vitamins such as Vitamins A, B and C, and are rich in nitrogen and potassium.

Kiki Adisti said that the inner part of the banana stem already had fruit is a perfect ingredient. Pieces of the banana stem to be processed must go through the soaking process. "This process will remove the latex and bitter taste from the banana stem," he said. (Author: Deddy,Editor : Sudaryono, Tj. Lak)

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