The scholars teaching in outermost, frontier and disadvantaged regions of Indonesia Program involves fresh graduates of universities in Indonesia to contribute to the education development in the nation. Nur Kholiq, one of the program participants, teach students at one of the elementary schools in Ngada Regency, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

With other participants teaching in Ngada Regency, Nur Kholiq organized a campaign for brushing teeth and washing hands for elementary school pupils across the regency. The campaign was called “Senyum Sehat dari Ngada” or Healthy Smiles from Ngada. Nur Kholiq said that this project was supported by Ngada Regency Government and donors such as Lion Ltd. Jakarta and JNE Express Across Nation.

“This program is also a collaboration among several institutions in Ngada Regency. Two of them are Ngada Education Regional Office and Youth and Sport Regional Office,” he explained. The seven schools involved in this program were S. Zeu Christian College Elementary School in Golewa Barat, Wate Elementary School in Riung Barat, Malafa’i Elementary School in Wolomeze, Kuwuk Elementary School in Riung, Malakiku Elementary School in Bajawa Utara, Ngedusubha Elementary School in Golewa Selatan, and Rutojawa Elementary School in Jerebu’u.

The pupils were engaged in activities such as mass tooth brushing, tooth brushing exercises and hand washing activities. There was also a seminar by the Regional Health Department presented by local dentists and health practitioners in Ngada Regency. This campaign and the whole activities are expected to enhance students’ awareness of cleanliness and hygiene especially their oral health. “By improving hygiene, oral health and cleanliness, we hope that they will be able to participate better during the teaching and learning process in classroom,” he said.

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