Improving Public Speaking Skills to Strengthen UNY Partnership


"Sufficient communication skills will provide an opportunity to effectively brand UNY, so potential partners are interested in collaborating with UNY. Hopefully, this training can improve our communication quality effectively," said Vice-Rector for Planning and Cooperation of UNY, Prof. Siswantoyo, in the opening of the public speaking training on Thursday, July 7, 2022. There were 23 UNY Public Relations and Cooperation staff who participated in this activity

This training activity was presented by Ninda Nindiani, MA, the founder of “First Step” Training & Consulting. "Public speaking is the art, skill, and etiquette of communicating, which can be in the form of speeches, presentations, presenters, training, or vlogs. The goal is to convey ideas, teach something, report activities and persuade to do something. The art of talking to other people is so that they understand and are interested in the topic of conversation. Therefore we need to deliver our message confidently," said Ninda.

In public speaking, a critical initial stage is doing research to find out the audience. It is also important to manage speaking materials, prepare interesting openings and closings and practice verbal and non-verbal skills.

"To be understood, the conversation must be clear and coherent. The articulation is clear and logical according to the audience's grasp. But, do not forget to speak enthusiastically, and the content is interesting. Therefore, it is necessary to add insight by hanging out a lot, reading, listening to radio or podcasts, and watching television," Ninda said.

When communication is set into a deadlock, we need an ice breaker to break the communication deadlock. You do this by creating exciting questions and games or activities involving all audiences. Ninda Nindiani closed the workshop with statements, reflections, and easy-to-remember invitations in the form of ideas, enthusiasm, and hope. "Don't forget to give something to the audience to take home," concluded Ninda. (Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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