Improving the Quality of Education through ICT-Based HOTS Question Writing Training


The Master's Program in Educational Research and Evaluation held community services at SDN Tukharjo and SDN Purwoharjo, Kulon Progo Regency. In addition, the UNY team held a training "Writing of High-Level Critical Thinking Problems, Attitudes, and ICT-Based Knowledge with Quiziz" on 2-3 August 2022. Twenty-three teachers participated in this training.

Prof. Dr. Edi Istiyono, M.Si shared knowledge through the material "Making Instruments for Elementary School Teachers so That They Can Improve HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) for Elementary Students". Meanwhile, Dr. Risky Setiawan gave the material "Using Wordwall as a Media in Applying HOTS Questions" .Wordwall is a web-based application. Teachers can create learning media such as quizzes, anagrams, word randomization, word search, and grouping by utilizing various features in Wordwall. In closing, Mr. Abdul Rahim, M.Pd provided training with the material "Use of the Website Quiziz as a Media That Can Be Used in Giving Attractive Quiz to Elementary School Students”.

The delivery of various training materials is in accordance with UNY's support for continuous improvement of the quality of education. Elementary school, as one of the foundations of education in Indonesia, requires strengthening. Through this training activity, Hopefully, elementary school teachers can arrange HOTS questions in science subjects using Wordwall and Quiziz media to increase the HOTS of elementary school students with fun. (lal/ant, Tj.Lak)

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