Improving the quality of football coaching through the PSSI License Coach course


UNY supports efforts to improve the quality of football coaching. One of the forms is through the implementation of the “PSSI D License Trainer Course”. This training lasted for three days, with participants around 30 students and alumni of the UNY Sports Coaching Education (PKO) Department.

"I hope that through this training, there will be football coaches who can participate in developing national football so that they can make the nation's name proud on the international stage," said Prof. Dr. Wawan S. Suherman as the Dean of Sport Science UNY in his closing remarks for the PSSI D License Coach Course.

Kibnu Harto Slamet, the PSSI instructor, stated that the participants who had attended the training had the provisions to go directly to the community. Anyone who has passed the training course is ready to become a certified reliable trainer who can answer the demands of society. "For those who have not passed this course, do not be discouraged and please retake it next year," said Kibnu.(Khairani Faizah, Tj.Lak)

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