Improving the Quality of Journals at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNY


Journal accreditation is a means to assess a scientific journal's quality objectively. This notion prompted the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNY to hold a Journal Updating workshop on Monday, June 13, 2022.

"Currently, the enthusiasm of journal managers to accredit their journals is extraordinary. And in the past two years, many journals have run out of accreditation. Currently, the status of accredited journals until the end of 2021 is 6941. We are now taking action according to the results in the period I; there are around 800 accredited journals. Both re-accredited and new proposals. In total, there are about 7500 journals that have been accredited until the first period of 2022, and the number is increasing every year, "explained Yoga Dwi A., Coordinator of Scientific Journals and Scientific Publications of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and technology.

"We are targeting that journal managers submit accreditation proposals for a maximum of 3 months and have received the results of the accreditation assessment. We are also targeting to announce the accreditation results at least four times this year, and hopefully, it can be more so that by the end of the year the proposals are delayed, and the proposals in 2023 are not too many," said Yoga

In his speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNY, Prof. Dr. Ariswan, M.Sc., said that we could produce a journal that deserves appreciation and development with a serious commitment. Currently, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences already has ten student journals and nine general journals, with 3 journals that have achieved the quality of Sinta 2. (witono, Tj.Lak)

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