Inauguration of Five UNY Professor


Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta inaugurated the title of Professor for five lecturers on Saturday (14/5). They are Prof. Dr. Mumpuarti, M.Pd. (as Professor in the Field of Intellectual Barriers Education, Faculty of Education), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nur Wangid, M.Si (as Professor in the Field of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education), Prof. Dr. Roswita Lumban Tobing, M. Hum. (as Professor of French Linguistics at the Faculty of Language and Arts), Prof. Dr. Sri Winarni, M. Pd. (as Professor in the Field of Physical Education Curriculum Science, Faculty of Sports Science), and Prof. Dr. Stage Sutopo, M.S. (as Professor in the Field of Physical Education, Health and Recreation, Faculty of Sports Science).UNY officially has 193 professors in total.

UNY Rector,  Prof. Sumaryanto said that the Professor's inauguration ceremony is a tradition to appreciate lecturers who have struggled to get the highest academic positions. In addition, this inauguration ceremony is also an academic forum for professors to present their latest ideas, ideas, and information related to their scientific/expertise fields.

"UNY is currently committed to encouraging lecturers to develop themselves through promotion and promotion to Professors and Head Lectors," said Sumaryanto. Various programs are being implemented, such as Assistance for Accelerating Professors, Accelerating Doctoral Studies, and Accelerating the promotion of the Head of Lecturer Position from Expert Assistants and Lectors. In addition, UNY also provides funding for various activities to accelerate promotions and ranks, such as Research and community services for the Acceleration of Professors. These efforts is part of UNY's long-term commitment to quality education and facing future challenges as a Legal Entity State University. (Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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