In the latest UNY Organization and Work Procedure, Coordinator of Study Program is the manager of study program who is given the assignment from 1 January to 31 December 2020. This position will be appointed annually. Similar policy also set for the head and secretary of non-structural center who will be appointed annually. There are some merging among study centers to improve their effectivity and efficiency. Another changes is set for the World Class University Team who will work directly under the rector to boost the activity implementation. As stated by Rector of UNY, Sutrisna Wibawa,  on the inauguration of official and launching of integrated activity and budgeting plan at Rectorate Building (6/1). UNY Rector officially gave decrees for the Head and Secretary of Internal Supervisory Unit, Head and Secretary of Admission Service Office, Expert Staff of vice Rector and Study Program Coordinator.

UNY Rector’s also announced that starting this year, there will be 26 special assignments for study programs. "The assignments related with development of blended learning, international students, credit transfers with foreign and domestic tertiary institutions, visiting professors, industrial internships, national competition research and international cooperation research," Sutrisna Wibawa said. The Rector also added the importance of Scopus indexed publications and developing industrial prototypes.

“Activities that use state funds such as non-tax revenue, pure rupiah and in-out spending are our responsibilities," Sutrisna Wibawa said. It is important to be organized in managing university financial so that every activity programs can be completed without any financial problem. Vice Rector for General Administration and Financial affairs, Edi Purwanta said that UNY's Budget Implementation Entry List has been compiled since the end of November 2018 and has been refined to become the current Integrated Activity and Budgeting Plan. The launching of Integrated Activity and Budgeting Plan completed with distribution of printed Integrated Activity and Budgeting Plan to the Deans, Institutional Heads and Bureau Heads. (Dedy; Tj.Lak)

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