The Rector of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Sutrisna Wibawa inaugurated and took oaths of a number of officials at UNY on Tuesday (1/10). Among the inaugurated officials is the new Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni Anik Ghufron who will continue the work of Sumaryanto as previous official.

In his remarks, the Rector of UNY said that the new officials must carry out the work assigned to them immediately.  "The future challenge is quickly changing world," said Sutrisna Wibawa "One of the tasks of higher education is the development of cutting-edge science". According to the Rector, to move toward World Class University in 2025, UNY has prepared various programs to be implemented, therefore this is a challenge for new officials to continue to improve the quality of education at UNY. The Chancellor invited the institutional elements in UNY to foster new innovations based on the research conducted.

UNY officials were appointed as many as 10 people namely Anik Ghufron as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni, Sujarwo as Dean of the Faculty of Education, Sri Harti Widyastuti as Dean of the Faculty of Language and Art, Ariswan as Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Suhadi Purwantara as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Herman Dwi Surjono as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Sumaryanto as Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Siswanto as Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Lantip Diat Prasojo as Chair of the Institute for Quality Assurance and Education Development and Setyo Budi Takarina as Head Bureau of Academic, Student Affairs and Cooperation. (Dedy;Tj.Lak)

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