Increasing Awareness of Reproductive Health for the People of Keputran Village


Having good reproductive health is a fundamental right of every person. Therefore, various dissemination efforts need to be encouraged. This reason is the basis for the Research Group Team (RG) of UNY lecturers to carry out community service in Keputran village, Klaten, on 26 June 2022. The team chose Keputran village because this village is one of the villages with a high target of family planning acceptors with the number of couples of childbearing age which is quite a lot.

The Biomedical Research Group (RG) Team, Department of Biology Education, UNY, consists of Dr. Evy Yulianti, M.Sc., dr. Kartika Ratna Pertiwi, M. Biomed.Sc., Ph.D , and dr. Tutiek Rahayu, M.Kes. This activity targets couples of childbearing age and family planning cadres in Keputran Village. A total of 37 participants took part in this activity.

"This activity is part of the initiation of collaboration between UNY and the community and regional agencies. We hope that this collaboration can develop more broadly in other fields," said the team leader, Dr. Evy Yulianti, M.Sc.,

dr. Kartika Ratna Pertiwi, M.Biomed.Sc., Ph.D said that there are three essences of women's reproductive health, namely from, reproductive, hormonal, and sexual aspects. Reproductively, a woman can be divided into young reproductive age (expected to delay pregnancy), fertile age (planning and spacing pregnancies), and old age (expected to have eliminated pregnancy). Preparation for healthy reproductive health can be set at a young age for marriage and pregnancy (prospective mothers) until later when they face menopause. This point is possible by increasing knowledge and proper reproductive health checks. In the next session, dr. Tutiek discussed various contraceptive methods, their goals, benefits, and things that must be considered, such as side effects and risks.

Praptini, KB cadre from Keputran Village, welcomed this activity. Praptini hoped UNY lecturer team will have more activities outside the campus, especially in Keputran Village, Klaten, Central Java. (tiwi/witono, Tj.Lak)

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