Increasing IISMA Awardees, FISHIPOL UNY Holds Socialization


The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law (FISHIPOL) of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta held a socialization of the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards or IISMA 2023 program on Saturday (4/2). This socialization is aimed for second, fourth, and sixth semester students at FISHIPOL in particular, and Yogyakarta State University students in general. The session began with a speech by Dr. Supardi, M.Pd., Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs at FISHIPOL UNY (support). The initial material presentation was made directly by Dr. Nurul Khotimah, M.Si, Head of the Cooperation Division of UUIK FISHIPOL UNY. Some of the important things that were informed in the material included program overview, the importance of international exposure for undergraduate students, internal selection flow and procedures, and university policies regarding course conversion. "Discussions with the head of each department need to be done because IISMA provides recognition of 20 credits that can be converted into MBKM and other courses according to the policies of each department," Nurul explained. In addition, Nurul stressed how important it is for students who are eligible to enroll to take advantage of this chance. Furthermore, Afkari Zulaikha Rahmadiani, S.Pd, a graduate of FISHIPOL UNY who got the IISMA scholarship (awardee) in 2021, gave the second material. In her presentation, Afkari explained how to choose a university and shared her experiences during her semester at Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi or Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She believes that it is important to be objective in choosing a university, but one thing that should always be kept in mind is the main goal that you want to achieve. So in the process, the selection of destination universities must be as realistic as possible with their personal conditions.

Although the socialization was conducted online, the enthusiasm of the participants to explore more about IISMA registration information and its terms was quite high. It was proven by the number of participants who asked questions through the chat feature or directly through the Zoom Meeting. So that the purpose of holding this socialization is well achieved. If described, some of the purposes of the socialization include introducing the IISMA program to students, motivating, preparing, and informing program details and policies from the campus so that students can understand one of the independent campus programs properly. As a follow-up to the assistance, FISHIPOL UNY students who register will be facilitated for essay writing training and conversation to prepare for the interview test as a flow for program registration and selection. (Writer : Lintang/Sari, Editor : Dedy, Translator : Dewi/Karina)

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