8 students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia and a number of YSU students met on a Indonesia-Malaysia dialogue in which they discussed contemporary issues on education and culture in Seminar Room of Faculty of Languages and Arts, Friday (23/01/2015). Cik Arba’ah Binti MD Salleh from Kolej 12 UPM, expressed her enthusiasm for a warm welcome from Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Languages and Arts. “Nowadays, various bilateral issues are faced by Indonesia and Malaysia. Therefore, we need an open dialogue between two universities,” she said.

Che Dini Maryani Binti Che Mohd I from UPM explained the learning community in Kolej 12 senate covering various strategic research of local or international issues. “The bilateral issue between two countries has been greatly exaggerated by media. Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia may face social discrimination, but the case just happens in some minority, not the majority” she said.

Tejo M.W. from the Faculty of Languages and Arts was in agreement with her. “Indonesia and Malaysia are two neighbouring countries. It is not unusual if the two countries have such similar cultures,” he said.

Malaysia has wayang and batik,” Mazliyanan Morshidi from UPM said. “I studied how to make wayang and batik in my country. Those kind of arts were possibly brought by merchants from Indonesia. Malaysia learns so many things from Indonesia,” she added. Tejo M. W expressed his deep impression of such an intellectual dialogue. “It is very rare to find any conflict clarification. The issue is cleared by mature understanding between two neighbouring countries,” he closed.

Prior to the dialogue, UPM had been welcomed in the opening ceremony held by Office of International Affairs and Partnership of YSU in Senate Assembly Room, Tuesday (20/01/2015). The visit aimed at building a good cooperation in educational quality development between two universities. (Rony)

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