Indonesian University of Education Students Visit YSU Indonesian Language Class for International Students


Nine students of Indonesian University of Education (UPI) visited KNB (Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship) class of YSU, Friday morning (10/4/2015) to hold a discussion with KNB students, lecturers and tutors of BIPA of YSU.
The nine students are undergraduate and postgraduate students of Indonesian Education University (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) UPI. In the beginning of their visit, they observed the KNB students in the academic writing class.
In the end of the class, they discussed the learning of Bahasa Indonesia in YSU with the KNB students and asked some questions related to the difficulties in learning the language. In addition, they discussed tutorial classes with two tutors of BIPA program in YSU.
“We visit YSU to observe the teaching and learning process in the BIPA program in this university. We hope that the discussion we’ve made will be able to improve BIPA program of the two institutions,” said Selly, one of the UPI students. In the end of their visit, they gave a Sundanese puppet named Cepot as a gift. (KUIK)

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