Culture is such an important matter for Indonesia as a nation as it becomes the element that preserves the nationalism among citizens. However, if the culture is not well maintained, it is possibly claimed by other nation. Unfortunately, we lost some cultural elements as they have been claimed by neighboring countries. That is the absolute proof of lack of awareness among Indonesian in retaining their culture.

Accordingly, Muhammad Muslim Machbub Sulthony, a student of Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) of Faculty of Education Yogyakarta State University (YSU) developed an interactive learning media to introduce Indonesian culture. Education as a way to enrich the life of a nation has a very vital role in penetrating Indonesian culture for students since early childhood. “The learning media has been adapted to students’ characteristics thus they could learn while playing. It has been validated by lecturers who are competent in the respective field and given feedback,” Sulthony ascertained.

Using AutoPlay Media Studio 8, the learning medium was constructed through research and development method. It helps introduce and promote culture and ethnicity in Indonesia, including the traditional weapons, music, songs, houses, dances, suits, language and other features originally from several provinces in Indonesia. The target users are fifth graders of elementary schools. The multimedia also provides learning evaluation in the form of educative games based on the characters of students.

With this learning medium, Sulthony, the former Chief of Research Student Creativity Unit achieved the 1st position in National Scientific Writing Pena Pemuda Indonesia. “My expectation is this medium could help promote culture and etnic diversity in Indonesia to students, so that they could respect, retain, and preserve their nation’s culture,” he added. (mus/ant)

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