International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation 2015 at YSU


The values of education lay on the meaning and objectives which are placed in the core of education. Value-based society will increase the learning system because such values will be transfered through quality learning and the ability of the students to distinguish their behavior according to the values. The educators are expected to have qualified education background. In addition, they need to be valued and cared in learning society.

Said Cristopher Drake from Association for Living Values Education, Hong Kong in the 3rdInternational Conference On Educational Research and Innovation (ICERI) 2015. This conference was held for two days in Training Center of YSU Hotel (6-7/4/2015). Further, he explained that value education is not solely a course in curriculum. “Pedagogy is the main thing. It is education philosophy and the way to inspire as well as develop the positive values in the class.

According to Chris Drake, value-based and guided reflection teaching may support the learning process as a process of giving meanings, a contribution for developing critical thinking, imagination, understanding, self-consciousness, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and consideration for other people. The core of education concept in Living Values Education is seeing a person as a whole individual who is culturally different in one big global family. In addition, he/she is able to think, feel and assess. Therefore, education should care about the individual’s common sense, emotional, spiritual and physical security.

ICERI 2015 was opened by Vice Rector for Cooperation and Partnership Affairs, Prof. Suwarsih Madya, Ph.D. It was participated by more than 200 participants, lecturers, teachers, and students. According to the committee chief of ICERI 2015, Prof. Dr. Sri Atun, the conference enables the participants to discuss research and research ethic as well as to conduct character education and innovation research which is in line with education policy. “It is hoped that this conference is able to provide reccomendation for the subsequent researches," Prof. Dr. Sri Atun said.

Another speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Hatnell-Young from Australian Council for Educational Research, Australia said that ethics are considered in all steps of the data collection. Then she explained the steps in the educational research. In her presentation, she emphasized the role of the research participants in determining whether they are willing to be involved in the research. (Dedy)

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