In the effort to striving for the university's goal to be a world class world university, Faculty of Social Sciences, Yogyakarta State University in collaboration with the University of Malaya, Malaysia hosted the International Conference entitled "Harmony in Diversity: Building ASEAN Community 2015". The agenda lasted for two days, on 16 — 17 September 2015, housed in the Main Meeting Room, YSU Rectorate building.

The agenda invited several experts and scientists in social issues, politics, and education and presented the keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A. (Chairman of Indonesian Rector Forum), Prof. Dr. Mad Sidin Ahmad Ishak (Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Science from Malaya University), and Dr. Hamdan Daulay, M.A. (Lecturer of History Education, Sunan Kalijaga Islamic State University).

In his speech, Dr. Nasiwan M.Si. as the Chairman of the Committee said, "Faculty of Social Sciences, YSU as an education institution feels compelled to organize an international conference for making its contribution in the Indonesia-Malaysia relation. This international seminar is held in order to allow intellectuals to discuss and debate issues related to the relationship of the two countries that is relatively volatile.

Prof. Dr. Mad Sidin Ahmad Ishak pointed out the relation between Indonesia and Malaysia several times experienced ups and downs. As the two neighboring countries belonging to the same ethnic group, he potential for cooperation as well as for conflict between the two countries is undoubtedly greater. In the education field, Indonesia and Malaysia build cooperation through student exchange program every year. The large numbers of investors from Malaysia who invest in Indonesia have been helping the Indonesian government in combating unemployment.

Still according to Ahmad Ishak, many investors from Malaysia invest in palm oil plantations. It is certainly advantageous for both parties. In addition, in Malaysia, a big number of Indonesian manpower following a variety of occupations, namely as housemaid, medical staff, builders, and other professions.

Indonesia-Malaysia relationship is often seen from the emotional side.  Some occasions such as bad treatments obtained by Indonesian workers in Malaysia and also the claim against Indonesian cultural products by Malaysia, always give rise to protests in Indonesia and lead to tension between the two countries. Even more, the success of  Malaysia in getting the sovereignty of Sipadan and Ligitan islands, and also the claim against Ambalat sea block in the Cellebes Sea has spurred serious protests in Indonesia.

On the second day, the agenda was a parallel session. The committee provides the opportunity for the presenters to extend the discourse and accommodate smart thoughts of academics as well as of the public in general. Participants in the parallel session are about 120. The high enthusiasm of the participants and the audience was clearly visible during the event. (Danu)

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