Today, the quality of a workforce can be seen one of them through his title. But this is not enough in the midst of the development of this increasingly fused world. A workforce, such as an accountant, must also have a network that keeps him connected to the development of his own field of knowledge. The network is generally an association or a bond. By joining in a bundle of professional professions, an accountant becomes more professional than relying solely on his degree.
Thus presented Australia's Certified Practical Accountant (CPA) representative, Reza Havies in Public Lecture (Studium Generale) at the Faculty of Economics (FE) UNY, Tuesday (20/3) yesterday. Reza said, CPA Australia is a professional accounting ties established in Australia in 1886. "CPA Australia has 19 offices in various countries in Asia, including Indonesia, to the UK," he explained.
Reza continued, CPA Australia provides many advantages for accountants. "Like the IAI (Indonesian Accounting Association), CPA Australia is a venue for professional accountants. By joining CPA Australia, there will be an opportunity to expand the network with accountants from various countries, "he said.
Similarly, the Head of Accounting Department FE UNY, Rr. Indah Mustikawati also invites the students to improve their scientific competence. "Probably all this time the students only know Public Accountant as a professional accountant. With this studium generale, we will know further CPA as a professional accountant, "said Indah.
According to Reza, international qualifications make the performance of an accountant more appreciated and acknowledged, not only at national, even international level. "Currently, accounting is not just about numbers, but companies are also looking for accountants who have strategic skills, such as leadership, or market analysis skills. The existence of programs, software, and artificial intelligence requires accountants to improve their skills. The function of artificial intelligence is to help us in working, not replace, "explained Reza who became Country Manager and Chief Representative CPA Australia in Indonesia.
Business Development Manager CPA Australia Arya Lukito affirms the need for an internationally qualified accountant. "International qualifications require accountants to master international standards. Thus, the results of his analysis and decisions will be more recognized and accountable, "
Arya added, with members of more than 160 thousand people, CPA Australia is a strong network. "Our members range from industrial sectors, practitioners, to academics. Every accountant can become an Australian CPA member, by first joining CPA programs. CPA Australia is also working with IAI. Members of the IAI who take the Australian CPA program can shorten the travel time of the program, "said Arya. (fadhli)

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