On Wednesday (23/3/2016), taking place at the East Meeting Room 3 (LKBH) and Study Room A2 OIAP YSU, Yogyakarta State University held an interview for candidates in the program of study visit of the YSU’s Students Organization to the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). This test was joined by a total of 19 students from many faculties and organizations. From the selection process, 12 students will be selected for taking this program of study visit to UPM.

During the interview, YSU did not only seek those who are fluent in English, but also there are many requirements. There are things that the interviewer sought. First is the motivation of the candidates. Some of the candidates expressed their intention to join this program because they thought that the quality of student organization in Malaysia is better. Second is the knowledge about student organization, YSU, Indonesia and Malaysia relationship and ASEAN. The knowledge will not only benefit the candidates when they have to present the students organization in YSU even in Indonesia as general, but also benefit the candidates in the discussion about sensitive issues on the Indonesia- Malaysia relationship, also the opportunities in the ASEAN Community. Third is the promotional plan and the introduction of YSU and Indonesia in general. Regarding this point, the interviewers practically inquired the candidates whether they have any art talent that can be performed during the visit to UPM. (Laksa)

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